August 14, 2020

 Low Score: Drew Collishaw - 65


It was a casual 100 degrees out at Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club for this weeks championship, and although it was rumored that there would be a field of nearly a dozen golfers, the weather and Sean's inability to turn off his car's lights the previous night were a couple reasons only seven showed for the event. These absolute warriors, including first timer Austin [powers? dunno his last name], teed off at approximately 4:20 pm local time. After 18 grueling holes, Drew was able to hold off the rest of the field despite hitting some dangerous shots late in the round. 

Other Info

- Nick attempted to sabotage past champion Matt Holcomb's round early on by hitting the wrong golf ball from the third fairway, but only managed to incur a 1 stroke penalty on himself in the process (ruling by event co-founder Chris Ingram). Furthermore, he should have known that Holcomb would sabotage himself later in the round somehow, which was achieved through his tee shots on holes 10 and 11 going out of bounds.

- Ian Johnson once again found trouble on the easy par 5 12th with a fair replica of Judge Smail's infamous slice off the first at Bushwood Country Club. He would later wash his pain away with milk in the form of an ice cream popsicle.

- PGA Professional Chris Ingram channeled the classic song " one more time" by having to hit numerous putts another time after leaving the first one short, forgetting that he, as a pro, is supposed to get the ball at least to the hole. His new driver shaft, however, might be the greatest piece of technology Boulder Creek has ever seen. His phenomenal tee shots on holes 12 and 15 were definite highlights of the round.

- AJ Collishaw experienced an emotional roller-coaster on the par 5 15th. Although he hit his first tee shot out of bounds, he followed it up by bombing his second attempt to approximately 10-15 yards off the front of the green, and was able to salvage par with a long putt two strokes later.

- Five players were within 15 feet from the pin on the 6th hole off the tee. No one made their putt (could be wrong about this, can't really remember).

Other Info:

Participants: AJ,  Austin, Chris, Drew, Ian, Matt, Nick

Winning Putt


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