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August 14, 2020

  Low Score : Drew Collishaw - 65 ========================================================================= It was a casual 100 degrees out at Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club for this weeks championship, and although it was rumored that there would be a field of nearly a dozen golfers, the weather and Sean's inability to turn off his car's lights the previous night were a couple reasons only seven showed for the event. These absolute warriors, including first timer Austin [powers? dunno his last name], teed off at approximately 4:20 pm local time. After 18 grueling holes, Drew was able to hold off the rest of the field despite hitting some dangerous shots late in the round.  Other Info :  - Nick attempted to sabotage past champion Matt Holcomb's round early on by hitting the wrong golf ball from the third fairway, but only managed to incur a 1 stroke penalty on himself in the process (ruling by event co-founder Chris Ingram). Furthermore, he should have known that Holco

August 7, 2020

Low Score: Drew Collishaw - 61 Rest of field: "I suck, aj sucks, chris was good till 15" -Ian Johnson Other info: van almost killed a girl Author was not present.